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The following are excerpts from the newsletter

March 10, 1999

  • Preventing tragedies caused by dislodged syringe caps
  • Placing the therapeutic equivalence code on prescription drug labels and labeling could increase medication errors
  • Safety Briefs
    • Facts and Comparisons CD-ROM contains error on BREVIBLOC infusion rate
    • Vial size of diluent can lead to medication errors due to incorrect reconstitution/dilution of drug.
    • Automatic stop orders may cause problems.
    • Lab mix-up on patient with similar names causes inappropriate treatment.
    • Poison Prevention Week --- March 21-27
    • Severe anal pruritis reported as adverse effect of gemcitabine therapy.
    • REZULIN to again be reviewed by FDA for safety and efficacy data.

March 24, 1999

  • Canadian jury wants safer drug-use systems
  • Hazard Warning! Baxter small volume critical care drug packaging
  • Safety Briefs
    • Fomepizole (ANTIZOL) should only be referred to by these names to avoid confusion.
    • Interpertation of hs needs clear definition for your institution.
    • Teach patients with poor eyesight tactile clues to help them avert medication errors.
    • Make sure of updates to patient allergies.
    • Recent report associates fexofenadine (ALLEGRA) with EKG abnormalities.
    • LACTACARE, a nutritional supplement , confusion with LACTICARE Lotion, a lactic acid-based emollient for external use.

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