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The following are excerpts from the newsletter

March 11, 1998

  • Let's get our fax straight!
  • Habla español?
  • The real problem with generic warfarin
  • Safety Briefs
    • Roche adds boldfaced warning about risk of depression, psychosis and suicidal thoughts and actions to the labeling of Accutane®
    • Clinical studies for Proleukin® use differnt types of units -- I.U., Roche units and Cetus units. The units aare vastly different. Use care in dosing to indicate the type of units used!
    • Renal paatient dies in California hospital after drinking what she thought was juice from a cup at her bedside. She actually drank mercuric chloride and potassium dichromate in formaldehyde known as Zenker's Solutions. A resident physician had left the solution in a specimen container aaat her bedside aafter a procedure had been canceled.
    • University of California San Diego study published in February 28th issue of the Lancet got widespread media coverage. The study indicated that the number of American who died from medication errors increased sharply from 1983 to 1993.
    • Have you ever seen a "Don't bother me -- it's your problem" preprinted protocol? We recently saw a preprinted acute pain protocol order sheet listing six different analgesics (3 parenteral, 3 oral), all with dose ranges (e.g., morphine 4-10 mg IM q 4 h, Vicodin 1 tab PO q 4-6 h, etc.), which forced the nurse to choose the drug, dose, dosage form, route, frequency and indication.

March 25, 1998

  • Topical phenylephrine contributes to child's death
  • Potassium chloride injection survey results
  • Why you need up-to-date texts!
  • Safety Briefs
    • Novartis sends Dear Doctor letter to inform health professionals that Tegretol® Suspension (carbamazepine) should not be administered simultaneously with other liquid medicicnal agents or diluents.
    • Make sure of dose limits for oral and IV colchine.
    • Written orders for a drug to be dosed over "96 hours" may be inadvertently misread as "q6 hours."
    • Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals is making changes to the Levaquin® unit-dose package to improve readability

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