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The following are excerpts from the newsletter

August 13,1997

  • Insulin errors--abbreviations will get U in trouble
  • A novel way to prevent medication errors
  • Safety Briefs:
    • Parke-Davis has reformulated the Dye-Free version of Benadryl so that the concentration is the same as the Childrens' Allergy Liquid.
    • · FDA is warning consumers about "Skin-Cap" products from Spain for the treatment of dandruff or psoriasis.
    • · New requirements for direct to consumer advertising via broadcast media were announced last week by FDA.
    • Excedrin formulations are available both with and without aspirin.
    • Posicor®, a new T-channel calcium blocker, has some important drug interactions.
    • · Clarification may be needed when Etopophos® (etoposide phosphate) is prescribed to learn if the dose is being expressed as the salt or the active moiety.
    • · Incidentally, the supplemental listing for etoposide phosphate in Facts and Comparisons states that 119.3 mg EtopophosÒ is equivalent to 100 mg etoposide. However, as noted in the package insert, 113.6 mg Etopophos is equivalent to 100 mg etoposide. Using the incorrect equivalency in Facts and Comparisons could result in a 5% error in dosing if the prescriber writes an order based on etoposide phosphate. According to Facts and Comparisons editors, the listing should have stated "119.3 mg etoposide phosphate diethanolate." The diethanolate is removed during lyophilization. In future updates, the listing will simply state "113.6 mg etoposide phosphate is equivalent to 100 mg etoposide."

August 27,1997

  • Cerebyx® dosing still a conundrum
  • Safety Briefs
    • Cases of punishment for medication errors may stifle reporting.
    • California newspapers report death of 4 year old during dental procedure which used chloral hydrate as sedation.
    • United Way Campaign get under way...donors may designate that all or part of their contribution go to ISMP.
    • Gliadel® candy wafer recall!
    • · Seen recently on a box of meclizine unit dose tablets from UDL: "12.5 mg MLT."
    • Preprinted order to "stop all pressors" when transferring patient from an intensive care unit results in a technician discontinuing Lopressor®.
  • The Persantine® stress test.
  • Automated mistakes

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