Technology and Device Safety Evaluation for Industry

Med-ERRS a wholly-owned subsidiary of ISMP is available to assist companies specializing in medication-related technology improve the functionality and safety of their products. Using the expertise of an interdisciplinary team, the evaluation includes: the direct human interface of the practitioner with the device; a review of device functionality, safety, and efficiency; and related documentation capabilities (as appropriate), all of which can lead to the reduction in medication errors. Due to the complex nature of the medication process and the impact that new technology can have on other systems within the organization, the Med-ERRS team can provide comprehensive and objective feedback regarding a device or system in question and its ability to promote safe care in today’s healthcare environment.

A comprehensive safety evaluation of devices and/or vendor systems may require a one to two day onsite visit by the team to the location of the vendor’s choice. During the visit the team from Med-ERRS will meet with the vendor’s research and development team as well as interview key individuals and professional staff to learn more about the particular product. The comprehensive review also includes an evaluation of product materials and other information used to market the device and/or provide practitioner and patient education and assistance. Following the product evaluation, the findings and recommendations are provided in a written report and the Med-ERRS team would be available for further consultation via telephone.

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