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The ISMP Subscriber Award is presented to an organization that over time demonstrates the effective use of the ISMP Medication Safety Alert!, the quarterly “Action Agenda,” and other ISMP publications in improving medication safety.

Click here to see listing of past recipients.

Nominations are accepted from 3/31/2017 to midnight
(Eastern Time) 9/9/2017.

The ISMP CHEERS AWARD for Subscribers is presented to institutions that demonstrate:

  • Widespread internal distribution of the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! and associated quarterly Action Agenda
  • A commitment to medication-use safety through the application of information contained in the ISMP Medication Safety Alert!
  • Successful implementation of selective, proactive medication error reduction strategies based on ISMP recommendations
  • Momentum for implementation of medication safety strategies that stretches far beyond a few individuals or a single department and is fully integrated into the organization’s culture and clinical practice

For an organization to be considered for the subscriber award they must have:

  • A current subscription to the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! acute care newsletter (may be provided by a Group Purchasing Agreement [GPO])
  • Accreditation by an appropriate professional body for the applying Healthcare facility (e.g., Ambulatory Care; Assisted Living; Behavioral Health care; Critical Access Hospital; Healthcare Networks; Hospitals; Healthcare Systems; Long-term Care; Office-Based Surgical Practices)
  • Evidence of internal use of the most recent year’s ISMP Medication Safety Alert! and quarterly Action Agendas. (Organizations can demonstrate use by providing a list of the definitive actions taken during the year based on the ISMP newsletter and the associated citations [dates] of the particular newsletter[s] or Action Agenda[s].) Other evidence of implementation may include process or outcomes measures, meeting minutes, educational programs, policies and processes changes, etc.
  • Internal recognition and documentation of barriers that impacted the implementation of such strategies, as well as appropriate actions taken for addressing them
  • A willingness to share learning throughout the organization (e.g., newsletters, posters, flyers, staff meeting minutes)
    Submitted a Leadership & Interdisciplinary Declaration to ISMP

Application For Subscriber Award Submission

Please provide brief answers to the following questions using the referenced award criteria above. Attachments and other materials illustrating the activity or its effectiveness may be included in the submission.

The descriptive narrative should be no longer than seven (7) double-spaced typed pages and must include:

  1. A listing of all safety initiatives completed related to the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! and the associated newsletter
  2. A discussion of “barriers faced” or “lessons learned” from the experience that will help your hospital/department/team approach future medication safety improvement initiatives
  3. A description of the process and/or outcome measurements used over time to determine present success
  4. Demonstrated examples of how this initiative is being communicated and maintained throughout the organization
  5. A description of how patients were involved in the implementation strategies and/or resolution of the safety problem, or affected by the strategies and/or resolution of the problem, if applicable.

[Click here to see the nomination checklist]

Nominations are currently closed


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